This blog.

On average, 250 separate accounts log onto this page for every post.  I have no idea why anyone would be interested in the drivel I post.   As you see, there is no advertising and I'm not selling anything.  So I have no monetary incentive to write – I just like to.

Thanks, everyone, for coming to visit.  Don't take anything here too seriously.  I try to be factual, but it's an opinion blog and everyone has an opinion.

I have 22 domains at GoDaddy, but I'm dumping most of them and intend to transfer the rest because of GoDaddy's corporate stance on Internet issues.  I'm still there for the time being because I haven't found a suitable replacement.  

Anyone and everyone is welcome to post comments but almost no one does.  Maybe the government has picked me out of a hat and uses this blog as a test for erstwhile snoops – Am I a terrorist (no!).  Am I a seditionist? (NO!)  Am I happy with the status quo?  HELL NO!  But as long as I can post contrarian opinions, I figure that Liberty still rules in America.  I may be wrong.  I may just be a bad example.

a hui hou


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