Strait of Hormuz

I have just completed an event likelihood scenario.  Can Iran close the strait of Hormuz?  Yes, once – mainly by bluff.  Can they keep it closed?  No.  What would happen if the did?  They'd be pounded by the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia.

The US cannot continue to fund foreign wars.  Beginning in 2012, if we engage, the loser pays the bills.  All of them, regardless of what happens to their populations, as it should be – to the victor belong the spoils.

Beginning in 2012, the police will attempt to impose martial law, prohibit home farms, prohibit raw milk, and require nursing mothers to route their milk through a boiler between the breast and the baby.  God forbid a baby should get it's mother's milk whole and raw without Pasteurizing.

In 2012 the slaves of the world will get tired of being slaves and revolt.  It's about time.  I own property free and clear.  If some government agency wants to come on my property and start shit, don't do it.  You will be trespassing and I will defend my home and property against trespassers.  If you have a warrant signed bu a judge, mail it to me and I'll accept it.  If you try a no-knock raid. you may get me, but someone won't go home.  If it's over raw milk or an overdue library book, you have no business conducting a no-knock raid.  Bring your assault vehicle and see what happens to it – and the people in it.  I'm not a pilgrim.  Believe it.


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