Tom’s onion rings.

Don't be fooled by those pimps on TV.  They are all busy selling cookware while I am busy making divine food.

Onion rings:

Get a couple of large, red onions.  The flattest ones are the sweetest.  If you can get Maui onions, do that instead.  Pick the flattest ones.  Cut the outer two layers off until you have sweet white.  Cut them into 3/8 to 1/2 ” slices.

You can make French fries instead…the recipe is different and I'll do it after.

Mill some flour into a bowl.  Toss in a little salt and some baking powder.  Throw the onion slices in, cover the bowl, and shake it up every half an hour (two or three times, minimum). Ten minutes before service, pour in half a cup of milk beaten with an egg and half a cup of H&H, stir thoroughly (and lightly) with a fork, stick a chopstick through and drain into a bowl. Fire up the pan to about 350, 1/2 ” of oil, and drop enough in at once so they don't overlap. Turn once until golden brown and serve. 

After those, take the peels from the potatoes you mashed and fry them.

I'm tired.  I'll do the steak, mashed potato and salad recipes another time.

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