I “get” it.

The reason people cannot prepare for and deal with the impending global financial meltdown is that they are dumbasses and have their heads in the sand.  I am going to smarten you up if you care to listen, but I really don't see much hope.  If you don't – if you just keep on truckin' and pretend nothing is happening – you are gonna die, sooner than nature might have otherwise allowed.

Let us start with some 'givens'.  That means that these are true statements.  If you find one you disagree with or don't believe, stop reading. I can't help you.  I am not going to stop and explain each one – if you are interested, research it for yourself.

(1) There is more debt in the world than money – or POTENTIAL money exists to cover it.
      (a) Therefore, it cannot be paid.
      (b) If something CAN happen, it WILL happen – but there is a corollary.  If something CANNOT happen, it will NOT happen. 
(2) Because it cannot be paid, and because Credit Default Swaps (insurance against defaults) are worthless, the ENTIRE world IS going to default on debt.
     (a) ALL of the money you have in stocks, bonds, bank deposits, and anywhere except under your mattress is going to disappear, suddenly, without warning.
     (b) Precious metals are not going to help you, even if you have physical possession of them.

(3) The VALUE of precious metal is what you can get for it NOW, in dollars.  If the value of dollars tanks, your metal tanks with it.
      (a) What are you going to sell you metal for if no one has dollars and MOST people don't have metal to trade?
      (b) The precious metals market is gamed. You cannot win the game, because:  

(4) No one has EVER called the pending global financial crisis what it is: A huge, redistribution of wealth. That's why the world's rich are fighting so hard against it.  When it happens,
     all of their imaginary money will be gone and the working class will be back in the ball game.
     (a) Because there cannot be more debt than there is money to cover it, BUT THERE IS, the debt was built in a bubble – which will collapse.  Math doesn't lie.  Balance
          sheets MUST balance.

(5) The bubbles STILL exist because ALL banks and NATIONS mark their assets to fantasy, not to market.  But, additionally, there is a huge drain even if we do not count stupid, 
      useless wars.  Every country uses a LOT of oil and coal.  They bid against each other to get it and then they burn it up – it's gone. It's now greenhouse gas, especially CO2.  Humans
      can't breathe CO2.  And we are eating all the food and drinking all the water.  The waste is collected and pumped into the oceans.  The fish eat it.  Then we eat the fish.  We have
      already eaten MOST of the fish. Shit fish. They are easier to catch now that they are radioactive from Fukushima – which will not stop anytime soon.  They just float to the surface.

(6) Well, why aren't the governments of the world helping?  They are.  They are helping themselves to your money, dumbass.  If they gave it back to you, they wouldn't have all of it.
      (a) Governments, all the way down to the local level, are run by rich people who think everyone else is a bum.  Why would they care about you?

(7) The 'standard' financial advice is to pay off your debt.  How stupid is that?  You are merely giving the banks more money to gamble with.  Do you think the banks are going to pay off 
     THEIR debt if you pay off yours?  Hell no.  They will pay more lobbyists to get more regulations erased so they can gamble more.
     (a) The government isn't going to bail you out. They are going to bail everyone ELSE out until it all tanks.
     (b) You should have realized by now that the government you are supposed to own now owns you. 

What to do, what to do……

You are not going to get very far 'Occupying' anything except an abandoned home.  The police will just come out and shoot you in the head. “Public” parks don't mean the 'public' owns them.  The public doesn't own their own property.  The government does, and they will kill you for trying to take your own property back.  So maybe there are other ways to fight back.  We can run them out of business. But there are ways.

The most obvious way is a “Million Man March” on Washington by a million men with rifles.  There aren't a million police and military personnel combined.  That would work. 

The next most obvious way is to starve the Hydra of it's food…which is money. Go into debt as deeply as you can afford, preferably on a home equit loan, and hold the cash.  On a certain day, there would be a five day 'austerity' strike.  Everyone simply catches the flu or twists their ankle or whatever for 5 days, Monday thru Friday. No work, no school, no shopping. That would put it between two weekends, so a lot of businesses would simply lose 9 days.  That ought to change the government. 

The next way: When you get your property tax bill, typically sent twice a year, divide the total by 365, multiply the answer by nine and deduct that much.  You just paid nine days less of taxes instead of going on strike for nine days.  If you are too afraid to do that, just leave off the last two digits of the amount – less than $100 bucks.   That works out to ten Billion dollars at the federal level and, of course, a percentage of that at the state and local levels.  They can't arrest everyone.  In fact, they couldn't even afford the paper to threaten everyone.  That ought to change the government.

How to get your game on.      

If you aren't already underwater, apply for an equity loan. The lender verifies your information and sends THEIR appraiser, at YOUR expense, to appraise your house. You don't make the decision – it's on them. Then they loan you 80% of THEIR appraised value – which happens to be more than you have invested in the house. Not your problem – THEY made the decision. THEN, they give you 3.75APR, 30/fixed or less.  If it drops to 2% (not too likely, but possible), refi AGAIN. If it goes up (as it must eventually), You can always sell the property. The loan is assumable (make sure you write that into the contract). 3.75 APR fixed isn't going to be bad in a few years. If the economy tanks, You can demand a modification and get it. It's hard to figure out a losing strategy because you can always just walk away with your briefcase full of cash and their only recourse is repossessing the home – which they don't want.

Is there more?  Oh, heck yes!  If you ARE underwater, drive around the neighborhood until you find an abandoned home.  You will probably find a better one than you have now.  Get the address and check the tax rolls.  If it is two years or more behind in taxes, it is definitely abandoned and the county will get it as soon as it hits the three year mark.  In my subdivision, the 'Association' can grab it after three years of unpaid street maintenance fees.  Go to city hall and any local homeowner's association that might have lien rights.  PAY two years of back taxes and association dues and, when you do, give whoever is taking the money a notarized letter saying that you are claiming the property as a homestead and get a time/date stamped copy for your records.  

Then move in and change the locks. In Hawaii you have to live there for twenty years, but then you get a free-and-clear title.  No mortgage payments, only taxes for twenty years. In other states it's easier.  Of course, the last owner/lender is going to try to frighten you away.  They can't. At three years, they will lose the house to a tax lien anyway.  If you are worried, wait until a month or a week before the taxes are THREE years in arrears and then go pay them and move in.  But wake up.  If I pay the taxes a day before you do, it's mine.  This is NOT illegal or shady.  It is perfectly legal and it's even beneficial to the economy because you are helping to burst the housing bubble.

The only caveat is that in Hawaii, the property you are homesteading must be 5 acres or less.  That's it.

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