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I respect your views and I try to accommodate them when at all possible.  I have dedicated a computer and my bandwidth…and my Geiger-Mueller system to your radiationnetwork.  But if I ever hear you refer to the military, or any part of it as 'rubbish' again, I will feel compelled to collect a couple of fellow combat veterans and explain to you why we are not 'rubbish' in a manner that you will understand.

It's not a threat.  I do not make threats.  But I am a combat veteran and a certain amount of respect accrues to my service, whether or not the political determination of that service was or was not justified.  For the most part, in my experience, it was not.  But we are the ones who will stand and object with our lives while the politicians eviscerate the Constitution.  You won't.  You call it 'non-violence'.  In fact, it is cowardice.  Don't do it again – or at least don't call my service into question.

No offense intended.  I am more peaceful than you at heart because I have seen the alternative first hand.  But referring to my offer – of my life – to the service of my country – will not be tolerated by the adjective 'rubbish'.  It just is.  I ask you this as a favor.  But I speak for the people who fought to make America free – and may need to fight again to keep it free.  We will.  You won't.

We will not tolerate your disrespect for our lives, freely given – when you won't give anything. 

a hui hou , friend.


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There is a new post on the Malu 'Aina blog: 'More Military Rubbish Coming to


Waimea meeting Wednesday, Nov. 30th 5:30-8:30 pm: Waimea Elementary School
Cafeteria, Kamuela, HI.  Hilo meeting Thursday Dec. 1st. Hilo Intermediate
School Cafeteria 4:30-7:30.  It appears we may have to take our own mic and
sound system.  They appear to be planning NO PUBLIC TESTIMONY, AGAIN

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