Is up 400 points in the first couple hours or so of trading today and is heading for the moon. It will shoot through 12,000.  Because that is impossible, it was contrived and cannot hold.  Therefore, it will crash.  But it will crash from a contrived high. The net effect of that will be that the market will look healthier than it really is and people won't panic until it's too late.  It is an evil plan. 

Even more evil is that if you say anything about it, you can be classified as an 'enemy combatant'  and 'disappeared' without a hearing – unless the President vetoes that Republican crap. As much as I don't like the President, I like the revocation of the Constitution even less.

One in three Americans now lives at or below the poverty level.  After this week it will be one in two.  Rich people simply don't understand what that means and thus they are not empathetic.  That will change.  Hide and watch.

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