Aircraft from space.

H/T Patty Golden.  I am not sure the description is correct, but the video is pretty cool.

This is a 24 hour observation of all of the large aircraft flights in the world, condensed down
to 1:11. From space we look like a bee hive of activity. What you will see is a video showing
air traffic around the world for 24 hours, taken from a satellite. 

The yellow dots are airplanes in the sky during a 24 hour period. 

Stay with the picture. You will see the light of the day moving from the east to the west, as
the Earth spins on its axis.  Also you will see the aircraft flow of traffic leaving North America
and traveling at night to arrive in the UK in the morning Then you will see the flow changing, 
leaving the UK in the morning and flying to the American continent in daylight. 


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