But when I said this very thing last MARCH in Hawaii News Daily and the Jeff Rense show, no one believed me.

….and possibly a “hydrovolcanic explosion” down the line

On November 17, the architect of Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, Uehara Haruo, was interviewed in Japan. He warned that a “China Syndrome” situation is inevitable at the plant.

Haruo said that considering eight months have passed since the tsunami and the crippling of the nuclear plant without any improvement in the condition of the reactors, it is likely melted fuel has escaped the container vessel and is now burning through the earth.

On September 20, 2011, Hiroaki Koide, assistant professor at Kyoto University’s Research Reactor Institute, estimated that material from the nuclear fuel rods may be twelve meters deep underground at reactors one and three.

Haruo said debris is spreading in Pacific Ocean. On November 15, tons of radioactive debris reached the Marshall Islands.

If the fuel reaches an underground water source, Haruo explained, it will result in the contamination of water, soil and the sea. More catastrophic, underground super-heated water will ultimately create a massive hydrovolcanic explosion.

Although media in Japan and the alternative media have covered this story over the last few days, it has been uniformly ignored by the corporate media.


Allrighty…after I stopped talking about Fukushima – because no one was interested – I took up an explanation of why the economy of the world was in failure mode and the stock markets and banks were going to fail.  The explanation was simple then and it's simple now.  A thousand TRILLION dollars of debt was run up during the past thirty years and there isn't enough money in the WORLD to cover it.  So it won't be covered. Simple!  And now there are thousands of people protesting in the streets that their money is being 'legally' stolen and MILLIONS of American jobs exported – so WE DON'T HAVE JOBS ANYMORE – and ALL of the millionaires I know – and ALL of the well-off politicians – call them dirty hippies and tell them to “take a shower and get a job”.  A lot of these protesters are college students.  They pay tuition.  A lot are former combat veterans.  They have paid their dues.  A lot of them are retired people who have lost their retirements.

When YOU lose all your money – because a few million here and there is chicken-feed to the big players – you can't blame the protesters, who are protesting because they know their well-off parents are next.  Which means YOU are next.  It is happening as we speak.

No one believes me.  A friend of mine told me yesterday that he couldn't wait for the market to drop 3,000 points so he could make money on his hedged positions and buy in again.  In the meantime, he hasn't made ANY attempt at all to become self-sufficient – or to help those of us who are trying to.  My other friends with literally POUNDS of gold hidden away and money in the markets are all doing the same thing.  Gerald Celente, who AGREES WITH ME, lost his ass by doing the same thing.  ANY of these people could have easily tossed off a few hundred grand to make sure they had a place to go and food to eat.  They didn't, and they never will, because they are greedy.  You can't take it with you. Being greedy just means you have further to fall and no friends at the bottom.  These people don't have any friends but money.  Money is only friends with money.  Moammar Gadhaffi had 200 BILLION DOLLARS salted away and STILL wasn't smart enough to avoid being killed like a dog in the street.  It's a disease.  They have enough; then they have more than enough; then they have too much; and they still want the rest.

They are going to lose it.  http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=197930

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