Sovereign credit ratings.

None of the credit rating agencies are capable of issuing even remotely accurate credit ratings – because they get their funding from companies and countries who PAY them to issue credit ratings, I am going to issue my own credit ratings.  I will defend the reasoning, and I will explain why they are going to be accurate as we go forward. I am no longer a licensed broker or financial consultant.  I might suggest what I'd do, in my limited circumstance, but nothing I say should ever be taken as financial advice.  The bottom line is that you are going to lose you ass.  Almost everyone is.  If you tell me where your investments are, and what they are, I'll save you if you bother to listen – and pay me for the advice.  You are still going to lose, but I can keep you from losing it all.

I have taken care of myself.  I don't need anything from anyone.  But the advice most people are getting is from idiots that are making money off YOU.  Their advice is going to be in their best interests, not yours.

Time's almost up and I am recession proof.  You aren't.  But destitution is not the problem.  Dying is.

Last offer.

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