Politicians are all alike. Once we understand that, and Occupy America, we can be rid of them.

Commentary on The Capital Markets Posted 2011-11-14 15:46 by Karl Denninger in Corruption Oh By The Way: It's Obama's White Hose Too   Just to make sure everyone understands, diverting funds isn't just a city and state sport.  Why no, we do it for those who make political donations too — especially those who bundle […]

Not acceptable

Jesse Kornbluth Editor of HeadButler.com GET UPDATES FROM JESSE KORNBLUTH   Like 164 The Police Riot at Berkeley: If They'll Beat a Poet Laureate, Will They Kill a Student? Posted: 11/13/11 03:02 PM ET React Important Funny Typical Scary Outrageous Amazing Innovative Finally Read more Celeste Langan , Geoffrey O'Brien , Mario Savio , Robert J. Birgeneau. Robert Hass , UC Berkeley , Occupy , Politics News

I am going to post this just once more.

The economy of the world is tanking.  It is not sustainable – it is not recoverable.  It is the end of conspicuous consumption.  Many, or even most of the people who read my stuff still believe in Precious metals.  And, sure enough, the price of silver and gold is snaking up, while the more rare platinum isn't. […]