Re: Coquis – the sweet songbirds of the night!

6 down, 6 x 10(6) to go !
Not sustainable.

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The best BB pistol I have found is a Daisy CO2 repeater.  Fifteen BBs snd 480 FPS of muzzle velocity.  I probably get near that because I use REM oil on the BBS. I go out after dark with my BB pistol which is the same size as my .45 auto, a headlamp and a flashlight…and my .45.  You never know. I figure that if I can hit a Coqui at five or six feet with a BB pistol I can hit an intruder with a .45 – and the practice is cheaper than blowing off live ammo.
So I got six tonight, four males and two females, one cockroach and five slugs. Naturally, I don’t shoot Geckos or Bufos.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll find some Coquis.  I think all the burglars in the neighborhood are gone.
If anyone knows the asshole who started a Coqui preserve, Sherman something-or-other, forward this to him.  He can come over any evening and capture the Coquis before I shoot them, or burn them with acid, or set them on fire,  or catch them with my hands and pull their little legs off before I let them go.  Come on over, Bub!  Save all of them you can!  Wear all black, will you please, you dumb bastard?

90% of success is showing up.  Getting the math right is the other 50%.

Aut viam inveniam aut  faciamaut viam inveniam aut faciam.

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