He shouldn’t have walked that talk

H/T Francisco González

Sometimes it may not be such a good idea to “walk the talk”, or in this case “put your produce where your mouth is”.  At the EX-SKF site there is a post on people getting sick in Japan. I think the most remarkable case is a 63 year old Japanese TV host who for the last few months has been eating Fukushima produce live on his show, in order to transmit optimism and convince people to do the same. He has just been diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, which is predominantly seen in children and extremely rare among people his age. He is now hospitalized and getting ready for chemotherapy.



In other news, it is now certain that there is ongoing fission, as evidenced by the Xenon isotope ratios.


In this recent paper by Christopher Busby we read:




It is clear from Table1 that Xenon isotopes are fairly easy to measure using gamma spectrometry as they each have significant gamma lines.The activity ratio of 0.85 reported by TEPCO can only result from an enriched Uranium fission having occurred about 50 hours before the samples were measured. Or an explosive criticality which occurred 60 hours before the measurements. What these results confirm is that there is on-going fission occurring at the site.The identification of prompt criticality is straightforward in samples obtained or measured within a few hours of the event.In view of the importance of establishing the nature of the initial explosions it wouldbe of great interest to obtain from TEPCO or any one the Xenon isotope ratios measured immediately after the catastrophe.

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