Conservative extremists can’t have it both ways.

It's All Violent Demonstrators (Bull%#it!) It's All Violent Demonstrators (Bull%#it!)   Shooting a peacefully-walking cameraman who is filming a police line from a clear and respectful distance — there is no violent action visible in the film anywhere — is felony assault if you or I do it. Why isn't the cop who did this under arrest? Stop calling this sort […]

He shouldn’t have walked that talk

H/T Francisco González Sometimes it may not be such a good idea to “walk the talk”, or in this case “put your produce where your mouth is”.  At the EX-SKF site there is a post on people getting sick in Japan. I think the most remarkable case is a 63 year old Japanese TV host who […]

Karl Denninger says it all again.

Commentary on The Capital Markets Posted 2011-11-07 09:31by Karl Denninger in Editorial The Mentality Of The Cops: Wake Up Officers!   I nearly blew coffee all over my monitor a few days ago when I read this, and one of the people on the forum said I should comment on it.  In light of last night's Ticker on police pensions, it […]