And so sayeth I

Not only has this 'movement' not peaked, it will likely never 'peak. It will continue to grow. Everyone keeps asking what the people want. I can tell you. 

Because politicians and bankers can't fool all of the people all of the time. Only until they begin to starve. Then things change – maybe not always in a good way – but the change, once begun, is a sea-change.

We, The People, want our country back. We want corporations to be responsible, not predatory. We don't want to be terrorized by our own government – the TSA comes to mind. And the Department of Education's SWAT team. We want the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be the only basis for the laws of our country. We don't want to invade other countries just because we can. We want the government to listen to the people. The war on drugs is a prime example. It is a disaster, just like Prohibition.

We should have those things now. The government functions as a service for the benefit of the citizens. That is it's only purpose. To protect and serve the citizens – not to command them. Not to terrorize them. Not to murder them. Not to allow what they have and continue to allow, which is the complete disregard of the Constitution, of honesty; to regain the pride of being a citizen because know that America does the right thing.

That's what we want.

And so sayeth I,
Tom Burnett

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