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You may not have heard of this company.  They buy from China and resell to companies like Ace Hardware.  But you should know about them.

If you have a customer service problem…let's say a missing part, or the wrong part…and you have misplaced your receipt – which we all do at one time or another…you are screwed.

Their customer servicer center will not talk to you unless you have the original receipt, even if you just bought the product yesterday.

The booklet that accompanies the product – in my case it was a wheeled cart, does not specify that you have to prove when you bought the product, or save the original receipt, or provide it.  Only if you have a problem do they advise you of that fact – which is not specified ANYWHERE.  It only specifies a one-year warranty program.  Yesterday ought to qualify.

It's just another way of not having to be responsible for their own actions.  My cart was missing a three cent rubber part.  I emailed the company and they told me…too bad, pal.  No receipt, no warranty service, even for a three cent part that was missing.

I suggest that anyone who buys from Ace Hardware be careful – their suppliers – or at least this one – is not going to honor the printed warranty that is included with the product.

Just sayin'

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