My morning.

I see that the stock markets are making great gains.  There is nothing that can be sustaining that, so it isn't real.  When it crashes, trillions more will be wiped out – just as they have been every week lately.  That facilitates more borrowing.  People will borrow themselves out of debt until they crash.  I know.  I'm doing it too.  But I have a reason.

I go outside and close my eyes.  I don't want to hear sound bites about 'mobs' or the DWTS re-runs from down the hall. I never want to hear that shit again, but there is nowhere left that people don't intrude.

I hear things no one else hears.  No, not voices in my head.  I hear a dove calling that it has found some food. I can't see it but I know what kind of bird it is and what it's saying.  What do doves eat?  Grain mostly, but they will eat grain products and most birds are omnivores.  Anyway, it's family arrives and they peck at the grain. I don't feed bread crumbs to birds.  It's full of fat and sugar and things birds don't need.  Or people.

I hear more birds.  People don't stop talking long enough to hear birds or to listen to what they are saying.  But animals talk for a reason – they don't gossip unless they are playing.  Dr. Phil isn't going to tell you anything you need to know.  A bird might if you would listen for a minute.  I want a dog.  I guess what I really want is a full-time friend.  But I can't have a dog where I live. 

This is the world I want to live in.  I know these are street people and 'hippies'.  I don't care.  I see what's coming.  It's a storm.  It ain't pretty.  And I'll have to arm my silly old ass up and ride for my countrymen…until I fall off.  But it's either that or go out on the icepack and wave a sign saying “I'm not bear food” until a bear eats me.  Peaceful protest is only a good idea until the bear comes.  

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