Why the end of the Obama era of disaster won’t fix anything.

This is long and will probably exceed many people's attention spans – thus they won't read it.  But it is happening.  Now.  Today.

I offered safe haven up to $200M last week, or up to $200k at 1.5%.  Not surprisingly, I got no response whatever.  When I asked a friend, who is not a financial whiz why they are doing nothing, I got this answer:  “The market is going down now, but it will come back up.  It always has.”

That's great.  I cannot begin to explain why it will not, but it's too late now anyway.   I waited until literally the last day to do what I need to do to survive and thrive in a depression and that strategy will prove to be really good or really bad in the coming weeks and months.

Good luck, everyone.  Especially to me.  🙂

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