The burning of radioactive rubble all over Japan

Radioactive materials are being burned all over Japan, and the government has announced the burning will continue until at least 2014, according to enenews. So in addition to the massive radiation going permanently in the ocean, they are now deliberately spreading it in the atmosphere as well.

Christopher Busby talked about it in his recent video. He says they are actually trucking radioactive rubble from Fukushima all over Japan to burn it (as far as southern Japan).  He thinks the only reason they are doing this is to equalize somewhat the future cancer rates in all of Japan, especially among children (by increasing them everywhere) so that people in northern Japan will not be able to make legal claims based on increased levels of cancer in their region. Sinister indeed.

Busby mentions this at 4:55 min in this video:

The burning of radioactive material had also been mentioned by Gundersen back in August. Gundersen mentions this at the 7:30 min mark in this video:

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