Here Comes Trouble

I am not a progressive. I am an Independent with Libertarian tendencies and I am a retired Deputy Sheriff. I just saw Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, NYPD, commit multiple counts of assault and battery against peaceful, PENNED women. It was a crime. That he is a Police Officer makes it a serious crime. That he was in charge of the scene, makes it class warfare and a civil rights crime.

All the peacenik liberals out there who didn't want his name released because they didn't want anything bad to happen to him are idiots. Nothing is going to happen to him. The problem is that what HE did is happening to all of YOU.

I just bought most of the 'Occupy America' domains. They are free to any organization who will peacefully protest for our rights under the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I hope Michael Moore steps up. I hope SOMEONE steps up and begins to occupy the government buildings WE, THE PEOPLE own. I have provided a vehicle. Drive it to freedom.

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