Fukushima today.

The radiation coming out of that hell-hole is still INCREASING.  As I have said for months, there is no way to stop it.  The only solution is to hide it and pretend it doesn't exist.

As of today, the people who were evacuated from the dead zone can apply for compensation to get a home somewhere else.  The instructions are 160 pages long and the application itself is 60 pages and requires various proofs and documents.  Merely having to leave a zone of deadly radiation is not proof of anything to the Japanese government, even though they ordered the evacuation.

In addition, the instructions are incomprehensible, even to a Japanese lawyer.  A typical farmer or lay person could never complete the application.  

Moving right along…the Japanese are gearing up to restart all of the nuclear plants that are now offline.  They have no other sources of energy and winter is approaching – so all the plants that were shut down because they were – and still are – unsafe are going to be put back on line before winter.  I absolutely guarantee you that there will be another Fukushima-type accident in the near future because of these unsafe plants.  Japan will not only kill off it's own citizens, but everyone else as well.

That's not rhetoric.  Tokyo is rapidly becoming uninhabitable.   As my VERY FIRST POST said back in March, when the cores hit groundwater, it will get very serious.  Now it is happening.  The entire northern half of Japan is effectively uninhabitable, although the Japanese government is simply ignoring the problem.

I am continuing to monitor radiation levels in East Hawaii and I have been invited back to the Rense show because every one of my predictions and observations have been proven correct.   It now appears that we are going to have an earth-shattering event.  Not just Japan.  The entire world is in danger, right now.

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