I finally got tired of trying to type without a space bar.

I have spent so much time piddling with work-arounds over the past months that my post were more buggered than they normally are.  I finally ordered a new keyboard and replaced the one in my lap-top.

I also made some good progress determining why ACU and MARPAT camouflage designs are only fractionally as good as they ought to be but, since I have no chance of ever getting my designs tested, I'm not sure what the effort accomplished.

My knee is never going to work again and I'm finished with letting surgeons play with it.  It is what it is and I'll deal with it. 

I had lunch with my DEA friend. He is a nice Jewish boy. It's a 'don't ask-don't tell' thing. I don't ask and he don't tell and it has to be that way because you never know, even about your best friends. He's kinda funny (not like me!).  We aren't brothers and we aren't confidants.  But if I'm with him or, really, with anyone, have a care.  I don't hang with mopes.  The people I do hang with, whether they are black-ops guys or pillars of the community, are not who you think they are and I'm not who you think I am when I am with them. Pull your shit somewhere else.  If you bring your bad intentions,  I'll kill you before any of my friends even clear leather. I walk the blue line – I don't talk it. 

I have dumped my long-time internet friend.  I can't deal with any more irrational nonsense.  Sorry Patty.  I can't deal with you.  You want to argue but you are carrying around a trunk full of empty books as baggage. 

My post-doc group seems to have dumped me.  I pushed for it so I can't complain.  Most of the members are idiots anyway.

Time for bed.  Time to cut loose people who can't contribute to reality.

a hui hou

90% of success is showing up.  Getting the math right is the other 50%.

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