When intelligence services can’t keep up.

If anyone in the US, French or any other intelligence service wanted to REALLY stir shit, they'd have had someone into Libya's intelligence service offices in a heartbeat after – or during their capture to plant documents.  Apparently they missed Egypt and no one dared anger Cheney in Iraq, but a few incriminating documents could change the course of history before – or even IF – they were ever discovered to be forgeries – which they never could be if I did it right and you can be sure I'd do it right.

I'd have someone in their central phone company right now sending all the records of calls out of the country so I could peruse them at leisure and see who knew what and when they knew it. I'd know where Qaddafi is and I can't believe no one does.I'd take the opportunity to plant documents showing he was in the process of orchestrating a plot to overthrow Syria and Algeria. I'd find bank documents showing that Qaddafi squirreled $90 billion out of Libya and had it stashed (that is actually true – so it amazes me that he didn't just jump in his personal jet and take off to exile in some foreign paradise).

I'd take the opportunity to blame him for every extant conspiracy theory by 'proving' he is actually Jewish and worked for the Rothschilds and Israel.

I suppose it's a damn good thing I'm not running black ops for a sovereign government or I'd be able to pick and choose who went to war with whom, and why, and when.  And who ran for office and, basically, anything else I decided to do.  The more I think about it, the more shit I can think of to do – and it wouldn't require proof.  Just hearsay and innuendo and a few FAXES from Qaddafi's home to his intelligence chief.

I could game oil companies, set brother against brother and Arab countries against each other.  Wikileaks would be relegated to the 'yawn' files.   

Get thee behind me Satan!  I am beginning to think like a politician.

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