The burning of radioactive rubble all over Japan

Radioactive materials are being burned all over Japan, and the government has announced the burning will continue until at least 2014, according to enenews. So in addition to the massive radiation going permanently in the ocean, they are now deliberately spreading it in the atmosphere as well. Christopher Busby talked about it in his recent […]

Open letter to the Hawaii County Council and Police Department.

Aloha Gentlemen and ladies. I notice that, while the marijuana issue has been placed at the very lowest tier or enforcement, that is not what we see in practice.  I don't care.  I am not involved in that culture and I am available for a drug screen on request at any time, so that excludes me […]

Here Comes Trouble

I am not a progressive. I am an Independent with Libertarian tendencies and I am a retired Deputy Sheriff. I just saw Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, NYPD, commit multiple counts of assault and battery against peaceful, PENNED women. It was a crime. That he is a Police Officer makes it a serious crime. That he […]