It ain’t just student loans anymore.

“[T]here are interesting stories that you have to catch up with when you can, like a moving train. The Justice Department's raid on four Gibson guitar factories [over supposedly illegal wood] is in that category. The raid took place last Wednesday. … [CEO Henry] Juszkiewicz says that the government of the country where [their] rosewood comes from certified it for export, and Gibson jumps through rather elaborate hoops before it buys the wood after it is imported to the U.S. … One of the ironies, as you might expect, is that America is a trivial importer of rosewood from Madagascar and India. … If nothing else, this incident illustrates the misguided priorities of the Obama administration. Harassing American businesses on frivolous grounds is not exactly what our economy needs at the moment. But the anti-business Obama administration just can't help itself.” –blogger John Hinderaker

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