Gott un Himmell

The US stock market continues to rise in the face of disaster. There
are no economic fundamentals upon which to base this. None. In face,
EVERY ECONOMIC INDICATOR says to get the hell out of the market and
sit on liquidity – cash, that is. Even the ridiculously overprinted
US Dollar which is only guaranteed by the sweat equity of people who
are not yet born.

This trend cannot be sustained. It is exactly like watching a
spinning top lose speed and wobble through short periods of apparently
steady rotation while actually cycling between greater periods of
abnormal behavior – until it finally topples over. I especially like
the example because the top begins to wobble because it is slowing,
just as the economy of the world is doing, no one can predict exactly
when it will fall over, just as they cannot predict World Depression
v2.0. and after the top falls out of equilibrium, and falls it will
retain enough kinetic energy to roll several inches on its side in a
completely unpredictable way.

That is what is happening. To the economy; to the weather as a result
of climate; to the oceans; to the food and water supply.

Precious Metals are not a hedge against this. The only way to hedge
at all is to be entirely self-sufficient right now. The bottom IS
going to drop out. Bernanke will kick the can down the road another
few months by printing more money (QE3) and using it buy more bad
paper with the taxpayers’ money – but we, the ex-middle class, will
see no benefit from it.

Do not expect anyone in the US to tell the truth about the state of
the economy in an election year. Do not expect anyone in the EU to
even admit that a problem exists. Whether they are even fully
cognizant of it at this point is debatable. Politicians are never
economists. They are egomaniacs and they don’t work for the people
they were elected to serve. They work for the people who paid for
them to be elected.

The older people – most of them – hope that the status quo can be
maintained for a couple dozen more years but it cannot. The young
people, who are a minority of the population, will fuel a huge demand
for boiled hemp rope if they ever figure out what the government has
done to them. At least some of them will – the ones who were raised
on Dr. Spock and a five-minute time-out as punishment for setting the
house on fire are part of the problem as well, and they won’t ever do
anything rational – they will just act out online fantasies until they
take daddy’s gun to the wrong place to shoot innocent bystanders and
some law-abiding citizen pops a cap in their ass.

I’m not going to go into my pro-gun rant again. If you don’t have one
by now, and expertise with it, you are going to have a problem sooner
rather than later. Morally and financially bankrupt governments do
not protect their citizens. They oppress them as long as they can.
But be it known that gun control isn’t about guns – it is about
control. Firearms are inanimate objects. They do not possess a
capacity for evil. People do. Don’t be afraid of guns. Be afraid of
people. Don’t be afraid of young punks with guns. Be afraid of old
people who won’t take any shit. Trust me, Grasshopper. I’m tellin’
ya. We of the Viet-Nam experience are different than nutty
gang-bangers in that we need a reason. Don’t give us one.


(1) The economy is screwed. If you cannot feed yourself, don’t
expect to eat. If you cannot protect yourself and your family and
your food production, who will when the local government collapses?
If you answered “No One”, you are correct.

(2) If you realize, in your heart, that this is happening, and still
take no affirmative action, you are going to leave the gene pool
against your will.

‘Nuff said.

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