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Tom, This is from a thread on Mish Shadlock's blog by someone called creditcrumbs. Each phase is a logical reaction to a US dollar reserve system in it's death throes by the power elites who are trying to prolong the benefits they enjoy. What do you think?

Phase 1 (2008-2010): financial panic in order to coerce government into bailing out banksters. The only way to justify bailouts is to let government to generously give money to the people as well, so “helping the poor and unemployed” becomes a cover for banks to receive bailouts, repressed interest rates, free profit from treasury spread, all without making it to the forefront.  
Phase 2 (2011-2012): now banksters have had their fill. Banks are allowed to mark to fantasy, recapitalize, and execs have received their gigantic bonuses, it is time to stop the faucet. The cover is now “austerity”, “fiscal responsibility”, and “rating downgrade threats”. Funny how none of the elite mentioned fiscal responsibility in 2008-2009 when the bailouts indebted the government. Here is the motivation: when money is printed and only gets to banksters but does not go to the public, that is when the purchasing power of banksters is the highest. They will come to towns, counties, and states, and say, “we can roll over your debt at a low rate but give us your airports and toll roads”. So Phase 2 is creating austerity for the public and market panic.  
Phase 3 (2013-2016): currency will be trashed when banksters have converted their wealth to inflation-hedged assets. At this time, money and credit will again become plentiful as banksters give out the cash and loans in exchange for inflation-hedged assets, which is true wealth, I may add.  
Phase 4 (2016-2020): very high inflation, complete loss of faith in fiat currencies coinciding with peak oil. The public will beg for more stable money, and banksters will grant them their wish since they have accumulated all the wealth and all the gold.  
which brings me to a question: after acquiring most assets including many public  assets, what is the benefit to banksters if economic base keeps on shrinking in the US? The answer is none. Thus, I can see that after USD is trashed, banksters will pressure gov for re-industrializing the US so that their newly acquired assets will generate rising cash flow for years to come. So economic growth will rebound in Phase 5. Time unknown. But at that time, China is disposable, and there will probably war mongering talk against China. 

Sadly, I see it happening with the IMF offering to bail out EU countries in exchange for their sovereign wealth.  However, I fail to see how the situation can simply be rolled over into a re-industrialization process.  We are out of the raw materials which allowed for the first great industrialization period and people will have to be paid a living wage and more in order for the economy to grow.  70% of the GDP is from consumer spending.

I think someone is living in an ivory tower planning a recovery which cannot happen.  Further, my time-line for the rapid-onset Anthropogenic Era extinction event begins in earnest in 2020 and hypothesizes utter destruction, peaking by the solar maximum in 2034.

However, even if I'm as nutty as a bag-o-pecans one fact still remains:  The rich can eventually buy and manipulate their way to 99.9 percent of the wealth, but they can't spend it if there is nothing to buy.  Once you gut a country or many countries, you cannot simply decide to re-enable the worker bees.  You will have created a serfdom in which the rich develop the mindset that all dictators develop.  They deserve the riches because they have them and no one else deserves anything.  If the 'little people' don't want to work for a pittance, they should be made to work for nothing – after all, they reproduce like rabbits – it's not like anyone will run out of labor. Let them eat cake.

The problem with THAT is that the serfs will eventually tire of it.
Count De Monet – Sir, the peasants are revolting!
King Louis – You said it. They stink on ice.
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