This is what the Presidential race has become.


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AMES, Iowa – Appearing on “Face the Nation” Sunday, Rep. Michele Bachmann stood by her comment in Thursday's Republican debate that when she said that wives should be submissive to their husbands, she meant that married couples should have mutual respect.

Hemp oil and grapes.

H/T Patty Golden

Canadian Rick Simpson claims that refined hemp ( Cannabis ) oil applied to his own skin cancer cured it completely, after being told that there was nothing more 'modern' medicine could do for him. Allegedly he gave his cure to hundreds of people in his locality as word of his miracle cure spread. Not only cancer but many serious illness were cured by this oil. After trying to take his story to anyone who would listen, political parties, news media etc he was hounded out of Canada and now lives in Europe. Further research showed that the U.S. govt had in fact patented the process no. 6630507, Furthermore over one hundred patents have the word cannabinoid in them, even though the FDA says there is no medicinal benefit in cannabis. It would appear that there is a natural cure for cancer and many other serious illness, it's just not profitable. [6] Grapes could protect against skin cancer and prevent premature aging, research has revealed. [6]

That is claimed here as well but I didn't have the money for hemp oil. I used a silver solution which I made and Coconut oil as well as topical Benadryl.  It hadn't worked by the time I had the biopsy this week – which came back negative for anything malignant.

Now I'll have to wait until the skin heals and see what happens.