The crane! The crane!

I don't know if anyone has even noticed – and I haven't been to the Fukushima website for some time – but that thing standing next to R1 is a lattice-boom construction crane. I haven't tracked down the manufacturer, but it is probably on tracks and is probably rated at about 800 tonnes.  Nothing in […]

Financial blog? Who woulda thought?

It never occurred to me that I would blog financial matters since they don't interest me.  What does interest me though, is why things happen – it's usually for a reason.  So Last night I said the markets were haywire and made no sense.  This morning it is sorting out a bit.  We are in […]

This can’t happen.

Every economic indicator in the world is up.  Every major traded currency is down against the dollar.  But gold is still going up and, at $1664, is less than $100 off Platinum. Obviously it's not impossible, but it's crazy.  Even assuming that gold is floating in a free market – which I doubt – there […]