I am forwarding a ‘forward this’! Go figure.

H/T Thomas Glover *This won't work.  They are too far gone from reality.  But It should be part of our new system – after the civil war.  – T Greetings One and All, I rarely send unsolicited email. However, there are exceptions and I feel this is is one. Some of you have already received […]

The ‘New Deal’. It’s not politics anymore.

This is a rant about Balack Obama and his insane actions as president.  If it is going to disturb you, don't read it. First let me state for the record that we are in in 'Recession v2.0' and it is going to turn into 'Depression V2.0'.  We never got out of 'Recession v1.0'.  We are […]

Regarding that $10Bn silver trade…

It went down in less than a minute.  Hundreds of people jumped on the ‘computerized trading scam’ bandwagon.  Most of the comments were to the effect that there could not possibly have been someone sitting there waiting for $10Bn in silver to be offered – so it was obviously a case of pre-arranged insider trading; […]