After all the talk about not wanting silver….

I need some. I am going to make colloidal silver to use for soaking ceramic pots  – which I am going to use with some other material to make gravity filters to make absolutely pure water. I can’t use coinage.  I need pure silver – not very much – couple ounces – however it comes […]

What I teach: Lesson 1: The basic introduction to living in the world

I may post more advanced classes, but if you want a 30-state Florida CCW, I can get you the course online – except I – or another instructor have to see you handle a firearm safely. You may take the course at   Sign up under me.  I'm Dr. Tom. The Color Code of […]

Computer problems.

If YOU have them, download Teamviewer 6, install it and advise me of your user number and password.  I’ll fix your software problems from here.  Windows, Mac, Linux, no matter.  I’ll do it while you watch. Free – and my work is guaranteed – I can’t charge because I can’t afford the commercial license for […]