What ever happened to the world I grew up in?

Whatever happened to the world I grew up in? Copyright(C), 1986,1996,2006, 2011 by Thomas Burnett, all rights reserved. Remember the old days? Before Beavis & Butthead. Annette was a Mouseketeer. The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. I Remember the day I bought my first record. Danny & the Juniors- ‘At the Hop.’ 45 R.P.M., Forty-nine […]

Why ‘Precious Metals’ aren’t.

“Silver and gold have always been a way to preserve wealth through recorded history.” That was then and this is now. if you stole Inca gold and took it to Spain, you were wealthy because Spain wasn't trading with South America.  It was plundering South America.  If your country started to tank, you could get […]