Your views on platinum

The price of platinum is like anything else and I think that after 2001 the economy changed in a fundamental way.  People don’t even pretend to be honest anymore. The FTC is a joke.  If a company is making billions in profit illegally and they are fined $82 million, they don’t care.  It’s a tax […]

My belief system is collapsing – part of it, anyway.

I always believed that physicians seriously – almost religiously – continued their training on an ongoing basis after they began practice.  I also believed that they were sincerely interested in protecting the health of their patients and would order any necessary test or prescribe the necessary medication or, if it was not a prescription item, […]

It’s a beautiful morning.

I have long advocated, and actively planned to be self-sufficient.  Not because I am a latter-day Boy Scout – because, to quote a brilliant economist I know quite well  – myself – “We are off the cliff and in free-fall. All of the rhetoric about “landing on our feet” doesn't matter.  The problem is running […]