Mission accomplished in Iraq !!!!

It’s time we leave Iraq. Our mission is accomplished.

We have been completely successful at training and equipping the Iraqi police and army well enough that they are able to kill several hundred insurgents dressed as civilians a day and will soon be killing thousands more.

The middle east is now completely destroyed and our ability to influence either Iran or anyone else is gone. Iran now realizes that we neither have the will nor the power to prevent them from carving up Iraq and starting a nuclear war to destroy Israel.

Let’s take our victory and move on to North Korea. We haven’t actually lost that war yet. There is still time to get another wing on the new Presidential Library. I propose it be built near Waco at the old Branch Davidian site.

In other news, the war on drugs has been almost as successful as prohibition, the Constitution is only a piece of paper, and Dubya is officially the worst two-term president in history.

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